stuff i bought today

the casebook only came out yesterday guys

do you understand how much i am squeeing

i almost had a breakdown in the shop because the woman at the counter asked if i had any reichenbach theories and i was this close (this close —-> [—]) to shouting at her for about twenty minutes about all of the different theories omg

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A short rant. 

I hate it when people call themselves “random”. In doing so, you do NOT gain my respect, nor do you make me think you are funny, or weird. You just let me know that you try too hard, and rather than being amusing, you will sit there and then shout “LEMONS!” or something, and it will make me angry, and I will have to punch you in the face.

To recap, if you don’t want to get punched, be yourself. Don’t try and be “random”. Because I swear to god, I will punch you.

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